American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Program Guide
National Institutes of Health - Extramural Research
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Federal Program Information
Federal Program Description To support research and other projects that will support fundamental biomedical discovery and translation of that knowledge into effective prevention strategies and new treatments while also providing economic stimulus to the nation.
CFDA Number 93.701
Assistance Type Project Grants
ARRA Citation Title VIII, National Institutes for Health, National Center for Research Resources, Pages 61-62
ARRA Reporting Projects subject to ARRA Section 1512 reporting requirements.  Progress reports are required for all active projects annually. The reports are reviewed by both program and grants management staff as required in the respective NIH Manual Chapters.. The review process includes a project officer completing a review checklist for each project that covers: progress, scope, planning, any project changes, safety, outputs, and reporting requirement. The checklist requires additional information for any identified risk or challenge areas. Mitigating or corrective actions are documented and trigger additional review as required. Outputs are reviewed by program officials to confirm appropriate progress. Progress standards are based on planned activities and milestones within the grant application.
Federal Agency Department of Health and Human Services
NYS Information
NYS Program Title National Institutes of Health - National Center for Research Resources (NCRR)
NYS Agency Department of Health
Contact Robert W. Reed
Phone 518-474-8565
Program Funding
National Total $1.3 billion
NYS Share $3.2 million for Summer Research Experiences for Students and Science Educators, across 30+ facilities, employing almost 250; over $150 million as of August 31, 2009 for approximately 600 research grants across almost 70 institutions.
Flow of Funds Competitive grant awarded directly to research institution or facility by the federal government;for Building Sustainable Community-Linked Infrastructure to enable Health Science Research (Community Infrastructure grants) funds awarded to successful applicants from governmental, business, educational or other organizational entries
Deadline Varies by grant program
Federal Grant Notice(s)
Status Open
Title Core Facility Renovation, Repair & Improvement
Eligible Entries Institutions of higher education, not-for-profit and regional organizations
Deadline September 17, 2009
Status Open
Title Academic Research Enhancement Award
Eligible Entries Higher education institutions
Deadline September 24, 2009
Status Open
Title Building sustainable community-Linked Infrastructure to Enable Health Science Research (RC4)
Eligible Entries State country, muncipal or special district governments; tribal governments; institutions of higher education; independent school districts; public housing authorities; non-profit and for profit organizations; academic health center. NIH is particularly interested in community organizations that deliver and/or support health promotion, disease prevention, disease management, health care, or related services. Included in this definition are public health departments, health agencies, treatment agencies and providers, community coalitions, state health agencies, treatment agencies and providers, community coalitions, state health agencies, schools, social service agencies, business-community collborations, campus-community partnerships, and other types of community-based organizations. Community may be defined geographically(e.g., a neighborhood or county), demographically(e.g.,Native Americans), by health condition(e.g.,mental health, wellness, primary care), or by a common interest(e.g.,community coalitions, churches, local businesses). Research institutions are legible to submit applications so long as an individual in one of the above-listed entities is also named as a Community Research Associate on the application for at least 15 percent effort(contributed or compensated).
Status Closed
Title Extramural Research Facilities &Improvement
Eligible Entries Institutions of higher education, not-for profit and regional organizations
Deadline May 6, June 17 and July 17, 2009
Status Closed
Title Competitive Revision Applications
Eligible Entries Active NIH grant recipients
Deadline April 21, 2009
Awards and Outcomes